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Basket of Thoughts

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I recently completed an online course through Fibre Arts Take Two titled Creating with Courage. The course instructor is a fiber artist, Clarissa Callesen, and I love her work. I have been incorporating fiber into my ceramic sculptures for a while, but this inspired me to kick it up and embrace more fiber arts and mixed media. Here are a few images of the first complete work I did for the course exhibition catalog. The first image shows the sculpture and below it some "random thoughts" that did get selected for the mix.

Since this is kind of a new direction for me, I wrestled with this piece a lot. Materials include saggar-fired paper clay “basket” which originally was a planter. Fired and unfired paper clay elements, fibers, stuffed and manipulated fabric elements, fabric-wrapped wire, found antique crochet, and dried succulent leaves.

Scroll down to the comments and tell me what you think about this piece.

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