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References for Paperclay


Rosette Gault, Paperclay Art and Practice, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 2013.

  • Rosette Gault, Paper Clay for Ceramic Sculptors, A Studio Companion, Clear Light, Seattle, 1993 (Third Edition, 2003).

  • Rosette Gault, Paper Clay, Ceramics Handbooks, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1998 (Second Edition, 2005).

  • Anne Lightwood, Working With Paperclay And Other Additives, Crowood Press, UK, 2000.

Magazine Articles:

  • See lots of magazine article references on Graham Hay’s website...see URL below. Here are a few that I have seen.

  • Baker, W.Lowell, Spraying Paper-Reinforced Clay. Ceramics Monthly, November, 1998 p. 46.

  • Fowler, Lorri Acott, Creative Process of Paperclay, Sculptural Pursuit, Vol. 4 No. 5. Winter 2005, p 42.

  • Gault, Rosette, Paper Clay – New Ways, Ceramics Technical, Issue 18?.

  • Gault, Rosette, Success with large Scale Paperclay Porcelain and Beyond, Ceramics Technical 2004, reproduced on Graham Hay’s website in the article links.

  • Gault, Rosette, Rules, Rules, What Rules?, Sculptural Freedom with Paper Clay, June/July/August 1996, p 77.

  • Gault, Rosette, Amazing Paperclay, Ceramics Monthly, June/July/August 1992, p 96.

  • Gault, Rosette, The Potential of Paper Clay, Ceramics Technical, Issue ?, 1994. reproduced on Graham Hay’s website in the article links.

  • Michaud, Joyce, Paperclay Sculpture with Ian Gregory, Clay Times, Sept/Oct 1999, p 11-13.


· Rosette Gault’s site:

· Vicki Hardin’s Clay Art Web Guide:

· Jerry Bennett:

· Jerry Bennett’s blog about paper clay:


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